Giving into Grace:
The Gift of Jewish Mindfulness

A HaMakom Meditation Retreat
Rebecca Schisler* and Zac Newman

Note: we will be using a Shabbat-friendly microphone for the duration of this retreat.

Friday 1 - Sunday 3 December 2023
St Cassian's Retreat Centre
Berkshire, UK

*Unfortunately, the terrible situation in Israel and Gaza means that, with sadness, we must let you know that Rabbah Dr Mira Neshama Weil (who was due to be teaching this retreat) is unable to be with us. While holding the deep sadness of Rabbah Mira being unable to be with us on this occasion, we are also very excited to tell you that Rebecca Schisler has kindly agreed to journey from the USA to be with us and teach on this retreat alongside our own beloved teacher Zac. 

**Registration for this retreat has now closed. There are a handful of spaces remaining. Please write to if you are interested in joining.**


Meditation retreats can be beautiful and powerful journeys of healing and transformation. However, they are not necessarily safe and appropriate for everyone at all times. We therefore ask potential participants to be aware of the following: if you have suffered an episode of mania or psychosis in the last six months, this retreat is not appropriate for you. Please join us on retreat when there has been more than six months since your last episode of mania or psychosis or other serious mental health episode. There are other mental and physical health issues which might mean that this retreat is not appropriate for you. Please do not attend this retreat against the advice of a medical professional. If you have a history of trauma or serious mental health challenges, retreat may be appropriate and beneficial for you. It is important that you are in touch with us in advance so that we can ensure this retreat will be supportive for you.

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