Terumah - Donating to Our Teachers

In the Torah, a terumah was a form of offering, linked etymologically with the verb “to lift up”. Here the word terumah signifies an opportunity to practise generosity by offering financial support to our teachers and to HaMakom.

Registration fees for the retreat do not go to the teachers, but towards the operational expenses of HaMakom. There is a long tradition of not including contributions to the teachers in registration fees. This allows costs to be minimised, and therefore helps these transformative teachings to be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial circumstance. As such, the teachings are offered by the teachers out of generosity and kindness, without a sense of what they might receive in return.

We now have the opportunity to reciprocate this generosity. Anything you are moved to give is very gratefully received. If you are unable to give, that is always understood, and you are wholeheartedly welcome nonetheless. If you are able to give terumah and you would like some guidance on how to choose an amount, you could consider how you might usually value one day of teaching from experts in their fields.

Thank you for joining this retreat. Warm wishes from everyone at HaMakom.

Donate to our Teachers

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